Raconteur: Procuring tomorrow’s talent
Alexa Bradbury

4 minutes

Raconteur: Procuring tomorrow’s talent

An in-depth look at the top trends transforming talent procurement today, produced in collaboration with Raconteur 

What’s at the top of the mind for today’s enterprise CPOs and CHROs? 
What are the biggest priorities and challenges procurement and HR teams are facing in procuring talent today? 
How should HR and procurement professionals transform their approach to talent procurement to ensure future success? 
This report, published in collaboration with Raconteur, details the importance of agility during these uncertain times. 

What’s inside: 

The rising cost of human capital 

Future-proofing contingent workforce management 

Unlocking regional value with global workforce solutions 

4 keys to the future of workforce planning 

Rebranding as a people-first employer 

Access our report here 


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