Scalability: why your MSP must be able to change when you do
Tom Brooks

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Scalability: why your MSP must be able to change when you do

If we’ve learned anything recently, it’s that geopolitical forces can have a rapid and significant impact on business and only those which can successfully ride the waves of change will thrive in today’s uncertain climate.


It’s crucial to ensure that your MSP can adapt and evolve in response to your developing business objectives with the capability to support rapid fulfilment with shifting skills demands, support seasonal volume hiring, advise on cross boarder geographical expansions, and new talent.


Make no mistake, scalability is vital. Here are four areas where your MSP must be able to change when you do.


1. Role specification

Regardless of the people you require today, the roles you will need to fill within your business are likely to change drastically in the medium to long term. Choosing an MSP now that has the ability to fulfil your future needs will pay dividends.

Skills demand is shifting at lightning speed and talent management programmes must change in response. The World Economic Forum reported that 66% of workers believe they need to gain new skills to stay employable in the years ahead, and only 37% of non-managers feel their company is investing in their skills and career development.

Our experience of managing thousands of programmes across hundreds of accounts means we know who the best suppliers are for your business and have the established relationships you need. Through leveraging your MSP’s past successes, you can ensure that you won’t be starting at ground zero.

2. Volume demand

You may only need a handful of workers now, but what happens if you need hundreds of seasonal or temporary staff at short notice in the future?

Scaling up sheer numbers can be difficult, even in times when candidate pools are rich. In today’s talent-tight market, there’s no guarantee that your current recruitment partner will continue to deliver the people you need as your business grows and diversifies.

A managed service business, on the other hand, is both strategic and efficient. By choosing an MSP, you’re no longer restricted by a single staffing partner’s limited bandwidth. We can leverage our network to ensure you get the volume of quality talent you need quickly. We also know that businesses make use of contingent labour so that they can expand and contract workforces with ease as demand dictates—all without impacting other organisational needs. You need people, but you also need the capacity to onboard fresh talent so they can begin delivering rapidly.

By working with an MSP, you also gain all the support you need behind the scenes. Our internal support team can also grow quickly to support expanding workforces, so you have the solid foundations necessary for hiring at scale.

3. Geography

With the rise of remote working, outdated regional restrictions around hiring are falling away. Could your provider source top overseas talent? Could they help you expand into new territories?

In a post-covid, hyper-digitally connected world, a growing number of businesses are exploring international opportunities. However, diversifying across country borders—whether physically or digitally—brings risks.

Businesses looking to scale globally can benefit greatly from partnering with an MSP with international experience. What’s more, they should bring their managed service provider into conversations at the earliest opportunity.

By drawing on intelligence from their established client base, your MSP will provide invaluable advice around cross-border operations. Here at Guidant Global, we’ve experience and exposure to the rules and regulations of different countries that employers need to be aware of.

We’ll help you create an appropriate workforce solution for your specific geographic regions and consult on where you should be looking to expand next. An MSP will extract and share the experiences of different clients already operating in those regions so that you can take a proactive rather than reactive approach to international talent management.

4. Solution

Sure, your current provider may support contingent hiring, but can they offer direct sourcing solutions? RPO? SOW? Talent marketing? Can they help with DE&I efforts?


The best MSPs provide a truly holistic talent management service offering, which can be scaled in every direction. They’ll look at where you are now as a business, where you plan to be in five years, and advise on the best way to get there through a fully integrated total talent management (TTM) solution.


Here at Guidant Global, we can quickly adapt our solutions to fit your changing needs. We can advise when a programme should expand to include a statement of work (SOW), and what new talent channels you may want to consider. We know how to tap into underutilised candidate pools, create a compelling employer value proposition (EVP), and market your brand effectively. We’ve access to the best talent management technology, and this tech—coupled with our experience—can be leveraged to ensure that you always have access to the skills your business needs to thrive.


Working with multiple staffing partners can create a scenario where talent, and the systems that manage human resources, are siloed. By rolling everything together though an MSP, you will achieve a bird’s eye view of where talent is within your business, where there are skills gaps, if you are working with the right suppliers, and if existing resources are engaged in the best way.


Making sure your MSP can change when you do



When looking to engage any new staffing partner or MSP provider, consider not only the level of service they can provide now, but also if they are agile enough to grow and flex in response to your own business’s evolving needs.


Advanced MSPs, like Guidant Global, have a distinct advantage over specialised talent providers, and at a time when employers and recruiters alike are struggling to source skills, the value that an advanced MSP can bring are not to be underestimated. Our network, relationships, technology, and talent pools mean that we can scale our service offering as demand dictates. The fast pace of hiring that an MSP provides also creates additional cost-savings, which leads to leaner recruitment spend.


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