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Services procurement in the new normal: how COVID-19 bolstered the business case for statement of work

The COVID-19 crisis very quickly highlighted what organisations did and didn’t know about their people, particularly when it came to the extended workforce. An overnight shift to remote working patterns revealed where there was a lack of flexibility, visibility and control of the extended, distributed workforce - whilst also increasing the need for these things.

In this in-depth session, Guidant Global COO Brian Salkowski looks at why businesses are turning their attention to services procurement and Statement of Work (SoW) in a bid to drive better value from their non-employee workforce.

Brian is joined by Justin Sellers, Global Category Leader - Professional Services and Temporary Labor at Amway, to show how, with Guidant Global’s support, they introduced a complex SoW management process alongside their existing contingent labour MSP program - leading to impressive results and enabling them to stay ahead of the curve.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Why managing services providers holistically brings a competitive advantage vs working in silos
  • How you can drive greater agility, quality and ROI from services procurement and SoW
  • The Amway journey – key results and lessons learnt
  • How to build a business case for services procurement and SoW

You can watch the recording below:

To find out more about how Guidant delivered agility and cost savings through our SoW campaign for Amway, read our full customer success story.

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