Shaking up D&I in talent acquisition
Alexa Bradbury

3 minutes

Shaking up D&I in talent acquisition

Despite all the rhetoric and good intentions, diversity, and inclusion (D&I) strategies developed more than 10 years ago are still being repackaged and passed off as innovative - regardless of their limited impact in driving real results. 
The pandemic has affected the D&I landscape too, so how will employers drive change and inclusivity in 2021? 
On 28 April 2021 Guidant Global’s Karina Townley, Managing Director for EMEA, took part in an online conference hosted by TALiNT Partners - joining DE&I specialists from leading public and private sector organisations to discuss the present and future of D&I. 
In the report of this UK-based event, we summarise the panel’s discussion on the key themes: 

  • The impact of the pandemic on gender equality
  • The power of detail in D&I transformation
  • Does flexibility create better access for all?
  • What comes next for D&I initiatives? 

Download your copy of Shaking up D&I in talent acquisition for all the insights. 


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