Solving an unprecedented contingent workforce challenge in partnership with Beeline
Alexa Bradbury

4 minutes

Solving an unprecedented contingent workforce challenge in partnership with Beeline

See how our partnership with Beeline, the leading contingent workforce management platform, helped our customer respond rapidly to the demands of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Contingent labour plays a crucial role for our customer, the world’s largest direct selling company, thanks to the flexibility it brings to their workforce - enabling the organisation to respond quickly when demand fluctuates. 
But when the COVID-19 pandemic struck in March 2020, they faced a supply-demand challenge like never before. 
By shifting their operations to different locations, our customer was able to weather the early-pandemic storm. But this shift meant that new workers were needed, and fast. To find them, they turned to their trusted workforce partners: Guidant Global and Beeline. 

Download the full story to learn how: 

Guidant Global and Beeline worked with contractors to reduce costs for services 

  • we adjusted the staffing supply chain to find quality candidates in new markets
  • the customer met production levels required to support their worldwide distributors
  • the right MSP/VMS partnership can make your workforce more flexible and resilient
  • to cost up an MSP/VMS implementation (and build a business case for doing it) 

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