Talent shortages: state of the US labor market 2021
Alexa Bradbury

4 minutes

Talent shortages: state of the US labor market 2021

A comprehensive overview of the shortage of talent in key sectors of the US economy, and what employers can do about it. 

All over the world, organizations are struggling to fill vacancies for a whole host of roles, from systems architects and administrators to janitors and pilots. In the US, the tightening labor market is affecting both blue and while-collar roles indiscriminately. 
The recent Business Conditions Survey by the National Association of Business Economics found that 47% of respondents reported a shortage of skilled workers in the third quarter of this year: that's up from 32% in the second quarter of 2021. 
So what exactly is happening, and what can employers do about it? 
In this report, Talent shortages: state of the US labor market (November 2021), we examine the impact of talent scarcity on key sectors of the US economy - and offer tips for finding the right people when the competition for talent is so tough. 

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