UK’s defence sector at risk of falling behind other countries as the STEM skills shortages rage on
Joel Forrester

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UK’s defence sector at risk of falling behind other countries as the STEM skills shortages rage on

The UK's defence sector faces a potential setback in comparison to other nations due to a shortage of STEM talent, according to our recent research report, written in collaboration with Defence Online. 

The report, titled "Delivering the Defence Workforce of the Future," reveals that 83% of key decision-makers fear technological lag due to a lack of skills, while 77% are concerned about a decline in defence capabilities and 72% worry about economic growth.  

 Engineering skills are notably scarce, with 48% of defence employers reporting a shortage, alongside deficiencies in cyber & digital (33%) and manufacturing & mechanical (25%) skills.  

 While 50% of employers are engaging with educational institutions, Guidant Global warns that more immediate and innovative solutions are needed. Joel Forrester, Client Solutions Director at Guidant Global, emphasized the urgency of addressing the STEM skills shortage to safeguard the defence sector's competitiveness, highlighting the need for both short-term and long-term strategies. 

  "Only 16% of respondents were collaborating with specialized STEM workforce providers,stated Joel. “This suggests there are overlooked opportunities to address immediate skill needs as well as in the long term.  

 He emphasized the urgency of strategic action on this STEM skills shortage, stating that the defence sector risks falling behind without prompt intervention.  

"Guidant Global's have demonstrated a commitment to working with partners to future-proof the sector and help employers overcome key people-related challenges,” he continues. This report justifies this commitment; it underscores the importance of balancing long-term solutions with immediate measures to maintain the sector's competitiveness amid global uncertainties. 

The new approaches to reducing skills shortages in defence sector with Guidant Global 

Trusted with over £230 million spend under management (SUM) in the Aerospace and Defence sector, Guidant Global manages clients’ workforces and securing the best talent, from low-skill, high volume roles to niche-skilled engineering, technology, digital and business support roles.  

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