What are managed service providers (MSPs) using to benchmark and assess their processes?
Brian Salkowski

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What are managed service providers (MSPs) using to benchmark and assess their processes?

The most successful recruitment operations are those that continually adapt to meet changing market needs to deliver fresh solutions for the workplace of today. 

Previous research by Guidant Global has found that while MSPs are generally viewed as industry experts which can use their experience, expertise and knowledge to drive relevant business efficiencies, there is a widespread desire for the industry to deliver in a better way by focusing the lens firmly on innovation and people. 

The research went as far as to highlight how customers feel a lack of innovation is as detrimental to relationships as poor performance and that there is a greater desire for strategic thinking and not just tactical solutions as the global market continues to shift. 

Customers also reported that a flexible service model is needed to accommodate changing needs and expectations and that international expertise is desirable even to those not seeking an international solution. With this in mind, we have several systems in place to ensure that we continue to deliver on these requirements. 

Firstly, we offer Program Maturity Modelling which is a process that aligns to SIA industry-standard constructs and is supplemented by our own expertise of what makes a highly successful programme. 

Secondly, we have developed our own Programme Performance Model to offer full transparency for our programmes and to drive innovation and operational excellence. 

It comprises of three key stages: stage one is a transactional audit to ensure the programme is fully compliant and meets the standards and KPIs expected; stage two is a more detailed end-to-end assessment of the programme processes to understand exactly how it is managed – including technology, supplier optimisation, business reviews and stakeholder engagement; finally, stage three is the identification of areas for improvement and prioritisation of specific project plans to advance, grow and expand the programme in partnership with the client and in line with their evolving business needs.  

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In addition, we have also invested in Talent Data Exchange (TDX) – the world’s most advanced, AI-driven workforce analytics platform. This provides industry performance benchmarking against a wide range of indicators.
Finally, to measure success through competitor benchmarking, we call on a wide range of mechanisms including internal win/loss reviews and third party research from organisations including SIA, Everest and Nelson Hall. 

Becoming a market leader doesn’t happen by accident. We pride ourselves on offering a collaborative, consultative and holistic approach to talent acquisition which differentiates Guidant Global from its competitors – and benchmarking is key to ensuring we stay ahead of the curve. 

To find out what an MSP really means for your business, download our handbook here.

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