Why reservists are valuable assets for any organization
Adam Little

Vice President, Client Solutions

3 minutes

Why reservists are valuable assets for any organization

Reservists are members of the armed forces who combine their military role with a civilian career. They are trained and ready to be deployed alongside regular forces when needed.  

Conflicts around the world are driving speculation on potential use of reservists in the future with many governments set to increase recruitment efforts started in 2023 through to 2024, with prominent adverts at major sporting events such as the UFL Championship. As a result, employers might have questions or concerns surrounding employing reservists. However, the benefits override any concerns. 

Reservists bring a range of skills, experiences, and qualities that can benefit any employer. Here are some of the reasons why organizations should employ reservists, and how to overcome some of the potential challenges. 

Benefits of employing reservists 

  • Reservists receive high-quality training in leadership, teamwork, communication, problem-solving, and resilience. These are transferable skills that can enhance their performance and productivity in their civilian roles 

  • Reservists develop a global perspective and a cultural awareness that can help them adapt to different situations and environments. They can also bring innovative ideas and insights from their military experience that can benefit their organization 

  • Reservists can cope with stress and uncertainty and make decisions under pressure 

  • In supporting the armed forces, an organization has the opportunity to positively contribute to the security of the country 

How to overcome the challenges of employing reservists 

  • In the UK, the MOD provides a range of resources and guidance for employers who employ reservists, but working with a partner that understands working with reservists can help employers plan and prepare for reservist absences and access the available support and funding 

  • In the US, the VA offer guidance on establishing a policy regarding military leave and the ESGR (Employers Support of the Guard and Reserve) operates programs directed toward employers, as well as employees, to ensure understanding of the role of Reserve component members. 

  • Employers can also foster a culture of understanding and appreciation for reservists, by communicating their value and contribution to the organization, and recognizing their achievements 

Adam Little, Vice President - Enterprise Solutions at Guidant Global and Reserve Officer in the Army National Guard feels passionately that organizations and armed forces reservists can form mutually beneficial relationships with positive outcomes all round. 

When you employ reservists, you get a truly unique perspective,” he explained. 

 They’ve been given military training and they’re used to ‘big picture thinking’ with multiple components coming together to meet set goals or missions. But they’re also still working outside the military, which is a vastly different workplace environment, often with a more commercial outlook.  

Organizations can benefit from getting both outlooks from a single individual. Not only that but they get a team member that really appreciates them as an employer. 

In my experience, the majority of people join the reserves for a greater purpose. It’s something they want to contribute to society and their country, but they still need meaningful employment and an income. If an employer helps them to maintain the sense of purpose they get as a reservist without compromising their career, that will generate a lot of loyalty.” 

Employers who support reservists can also access a range of assistance and recognition from armed forces organizations and governments and demonstrate their social responsibility and commitment to the armed forces community. 

By overcoming some of the potential challenges, employers can maximize the potential of reservists, and create a mutually beneficial relationship within their organization. 

Working with an MSP committed to supporting army reservists. 

In 2023 Impellam Group were proud to have recently signed the UK Armed Forces Covenant. This covenant is a commitment from the group to support and treat the Armed Forces Community with fairness and respect, including reservists. 

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