Talent Scarcity 2022/23: State of the UK Labour Market

As the UK grapples with the uncertainty of a new government, hikes in the cost of living and the ongoing situation in Ukraine, one clear indicator that’s driving talent acquisition, HR and procurement leaders alike, is to review their hiring strategy during acute shortage of labour.

The scarcity of talent in the UK has put recruitment top of the agenda for media outlets and the government alike. So what exactly is happening and what can you do about it? 

In this report, Talent Scarcity: State of the UK Labour Market, we take the pulse and examine the impact on seven key sectors in the UK and offer tips for finding the right people to drive your business in uncertain times. 

Key features include:

  • A comprehensive overview of the state of the UK market for talent
  • Sector deep dives including aerospace, defence, retail, manufacturing and social care  
  • Expert tips on managing talent shortages in a sustainable, long-term way 
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