At Guidant Global, we love what we do.

We love making a difference to our clients’ businesses and helping them to succeed. We also strive to instigate change within our industry and help our clients to lead the way within theirs by having an open and flexible approach recruiting from a wide talent pool.

Diversity and inclusion
By actively working with our clients, suppliers and industry partners, we’re opening doors for people historically overlooked by the recruitment sector. We’re experts in delivering diversity and inclusion initiatives across many disadvantaged groups and have actively taken the lead within the recruitment industry when it comes to disability inclusion.
Disability inclusion

We are the only recruitment provider to achieve the UK Government’s Disability Confident Employer Scheme, level 3 status as a Disability Confident Leader and to have supported 13 of our suppliers to achieve level 2 status. We also have Clear Assured status and are founding members of the Recruitment Industry Disability Initiative (RIDI).

Fuller working lives

With an ageing population on track for approximately 19 million people over the age of 65 by 2050, we work closely with the government's Fuller Working Lives team at a time when there is much discussion and growing business engagement on how we can all collectively support longer working lives. As a leading recruitment outsourcing provider, we have a significant part to play in bringing forward much-needed change, embracing the exponential benefits of a multi-generational workforce and age diversity.


The UK government’s Apprenticeship Levy was brought into force in April 2017. While some employers remain uncertain about the best way to make use of their Apprenticeship Levy funds, we believe apprenticeships are an ideal opportunity to strengthen future talent pipelines and upskill existing workers. Not only does the levy hold significant opportunities for training and development, but it’s also a means to drive more diversity and inclusion in your business. We are currently working with our clients and training partners to deliver innovative, supportive and inclusive apprenticeship programmes that reach beyond young people to specifically target older workers and people with disabilities, giving vital opportunities to individuals from a huge array of backgrounds and cultures.

Employability training

Guidant Global’s philosophy is to ensure everyone is treated equally and we aim to level the playing field in employment by reaching those from diverse and minority groups. Our national network of Job Centre Plus, Work Programme, Work Choice providers and tenants from Housing Associations also gives us a wider reach than most employers. 

Our reach helps us to engage with, the unemployed, those returning to work after raising a family, or period of prolonged ill health, young people, those with disabilities and ex -offenders. This process strives to engage a candidate pool which may not follow the typical route into employment for a variety of reasons, and provides a base from which to develop the soft skills they may be lacking as well as industry recognised qualifications.

Ban the Box

In partnership with social enterprise Offploy, we are signed up to Business in the Community’s (BITC) ‘Ban the Box’ scheme, to ensure that those with criminal convictions have a fair chance to compete for jobs at Guidant Global.

In the UK, roughly 11 million people have a criminal conviction. This shows that a large portion of society is vulnerable to unfair recruitment practices. By banning the box we as an employer have a wider, more diverse talent pool in which to access valuable employees. Job adverts for roles within Guidant Global do not ask about criminal convictions.

Instead, candidates will be invited to declare their unspent convictions at the interview stage in the form of a written disclosure or, if they feel more comfortable, a verbal disclosure. As a leading recruitment outsourcing provider, we have a significant part to play in bringing forward much-needed change to the perception of employing individuals with a criminal conviction. We hope that others in our industry take courage by our example and join us in signing up to the scheme.