How We’re Redefining Direct Sourcing in 2024
Alexa Bradbury

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How We’re Redefining Direct Sourcing in 2024

Why 2024 is the year for Advanced Direct Sourcing  

Over recent years we’ve noticed a lot of companies and analysts in our industry talking about Direct Sourcing as through it’s a completely new phenomenon. For us at Guidant Global and our customers, Direct Sourcing isn’t new. We’ve been successfully placing high quality contingent talent directly into our customers’ MSP programs for over a decade.  

In fact, today many of our MSP solutions already take a hybrid approach to talent fulfilment, supplementing specialist supply chain with direct fill for higher volume, repeatable roles.  

These Direct Sourcing solutions usually deliver upwards of 40% of talent directly into hybrid MSP programs without the need to engage more costly recruitment partners. This success is under-pinned by the combined expertise of our talent marketing and talent delivery teams, working in close partnership and leveraging the customer’s EVP and employer brand to attract and engage suitable talent.  

While the concept of Direct Sourcing isn’t new to us, we’re now taking our approach to another level with our Advanced Direct Sourcing solution.  


Advanced Direct Sourcing 

Advanced Direct Sourcing is the “smarter, faster, better” approach to building a custom, scalable contingent talent pipeline and supporting the easy re-deployment of valuable contingent workers. 

Features include harnessing your EVP to attract talent, easy re-deployment of valuable workers you already know, building a custom, scalable talent pipeline based on your unique talent requirements, engaging more diverse and underrepresented groups, leveraging transferrable skills and nurturing known communities such as retirees, silver medallists (people who performed extremely well at final interview but were pipped the post for the role), and of course referrals.  

Using the latest technological advances and recruitment innovation we’re super-charging our approach to Direct Sourcing. Guidant’s Advanced Direct Sourcing technology, built on an industry-leading CRM, enables us to: 

  • Leverage AI and Machine Learning for superior candidate matching and personalized automation at scale​. 

  • Manage the complete lifecycle ​of a candidate, from engagement and placement to offboarding ​and redeployment. 

  • Create a suite of client-branded communications, including ​landing pages, recruitment ​journey updates and brand awareness content. 

  • Provide comprehensive reporting and dashboards for full talent pool visibility and improved, data-driven decision making. 


Technology as an enabler

Despite huge advances in technology and AI, unlike some of our competitors, our approach to Direct Sourcing is never reliant on technology alone but is a holistic, integrated solution that includes talent marketing and talent delivery expertise as well as the latest technology. 

Technology such as sourcing AI and generative AI frees our recruiters to focus on building more meaningful relationships with hiring managers and quality candidates. It enables us to quickly identify and prioritise strategic tasks and relationships that drive real value.  

Access to real time data and analytics further enables constant adjustments and drives recommendations to improve program outcomes and align with organizational goals. By arming our recruiters and program managers with easily understandable data and dashboards, they can spend more time analysing the information and making informed judgements and changes to drive continuous improvement.  

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Benefits of Advanced Direct Sourcing  

Choosing to work with a strategic talent advisory partner like Guidant Global to implement Advanced Direct Sourcing gives you the opportunity to hire more contingent talent with better skills — at a faster pace with reduced third-party agency costs. 

 With Advanced Direct Sourcing from Guidant Global, you can depend on: 

  • Improved access to high-quality and diverse talent 

  • Lower costs to attract, curate, and engage talent 

  • Increased hiring speed and agility 

  • Enhanced candidate and hiring manager experiences  

  • Improved visibility, control, and risk mitigation 

  • Better exposure of your employer brand  

  • Continuous program innovation through an iterative process 

  • Increased talent redeployment and temp-to-perm conversion  

  • Contingent talent visibility, opening a gateway to Total Talent Management 


Why now?  

We know that the ability to quickly attract and deploy contingent talent on-demand provides organizations with a competitive edge, especially for companies that have many high-volume, repeatable roles — and the need to scale with changing demands. 

Advanced Direct Sourcing is a strategic initiative designed to drive competitive advantage in a complex talent landscape that’s continually evolving. It is a clear route to competitive advantage as well as potential cost savings.  

Today’s job seekers want relevant digital content with tech-enabled tools that allow for easy application and a seamless candidate experience. Employers want to simplify hiring as well, with solutions that are flexible and scalable for their needs.  

Advanced Direct Sourcing satisfies both sides of the talent equation — with cutting-edge technology and automation tools. It’s a forward-thinking approach to both your current and future staffing challenges for 2024 and far beyond.  


Complete Guide to Advanced Direct Sourcing  

If you think Advanced Direct Sourcing might be a good fit for you, or you want to find out more about this innovative solution, download our Complete Guide to Advanced Direct Sourcing. Alternatively contact us for more information. I’d be very happy to walk you through some examples of our success.  

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