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The next era in talent management: Leveraging a once-in-a-lifetime strategic shift

Businesses across the world are facing three enormous talent management challenges: a huge talent supply-demand mismatch, high attrition rates caused by ‘the great resignation’, and (unsurprisingly) wage inflation.

Against this backdrop, more organisations than ever are turning to contingent talent in order to keep competing, disrupting, and innovating in their markets.

This report, by leading global research firm Everest Group, explains how businesses can grasp this once-in-a-lifetime shift and get true value from their contingent workforces.

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  • Delivering a superior experience for candidates, workers, hiring managers and other workforce stakeholders
  • New ways of organising and paying for work, including direct sourcing and statement of work services procurement.
  • The role of advanced analytics and AI in making decisions about the workforce, suppliers, and spend
  • The shift to a services-enabled technology model, and the role of the vendor management system
  • The importance of managed service providers and staffing suppliers in shaping and delivering diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives.

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