Services Procurement (SOW)

Generate the best outcomes for your organization with Services Procurement industry leaders who bring billions of incremental Statement of Work (SoW) spend under management each year.

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Enhance enterprise outcomes through optimized services procurement management.

Save on administrative and process costs downstream of a transaction. We negotiate better contracts upstream of transactions to drive cost savings of up to 25%+ per engagement.

Eliminate wasted time and create better decision-making processes through centralized intelligence, visibility, and where appropriate centralized sourcing.

Standardized, formulated contracts eradicate risk and ensure complete compliance for SoW contracts. Mitigate misclassification through optimized buying and up-front due diligence.

Free up time for your procurement team to focus on strategic operations, maximizing productivity and preventing internal blocking points.

Gain visibility of spend, supplier and project performance with easy to access measurement and tracking. Enable process improvements and data-driven making to achieve better ROI from spend.

By bringing your services spend under a single program, not only can you achieve greater cost savings and spend visibility, but procurement can also influence and drive improved delivery of strategic enterprise objectives.

What is Services Procurement?

New to Services Procurement? Find out the basics and get your questions answered.

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Services Procurement (SOW)

Services Procurement (SOW)

Enhance enterprise outcomes through optimized services procurement management.

Services Procurement (SOW)

Specialization and domain expertise 

Creating enterprise value by leveraging SoW management expertise and experience gained from across our wide client base and supplier marketplace. We build specific category experience centrally for the benefit of all our client programs.


Solution flexibility

We are experienced at either evolving existing technology solutions and plugging into existing processes or supporting technology selection and building processes from the ground up. Either way we shape our solution and technology around a client, building on the success already in place and adding incremental, specialized expertise.

Services Procurement (SOW)

Buy and process optimization

Generating the best possible outcomes for your organization through Services Procurement buy optimization, validating processes, promoting consistency, and ensuring contractual compliance - using previous successes as a foundation to build on.


Upfront consultation and strategy 

Unlock the maximum cost savings by working upstream of Services Procurement transactions in order to ensure better pricing and cost outcomes with more robust and quality internal stakeholder experiences.

Services Procurement (SOW)

Centralized intelligence, data, and analytics

Ensure data-driven decision making through advanced intelligence and benchmarking with our proprietary VISION platform and leading industry technology, driving the most successful outcomes and creating sustainable growth.



Initiate the highest levels of efficiency with automation that works around an organization’s existing processes; reducing manual tasks and increasing time and cost efficiency. Freeing your procurement team up to focus on creating strategic organizational value.

We’ve been recognized by the industry

Disability Confident Leader
Everest Contingent Workforce Management (CWM) 2022
Everest Contingent Workforce Management (CWM) 2023
Everest Services Procurement 2022
Everest Services Procurement 2023
OutSource AfE 2022
SAP Fieldglass MSP 2022
SIA DEI Influencer 2023
Tiara Award Best use of Technology
Tiara Award Long-Term Partnership

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