Aligning HR and procurement to solve today’s acute talent problems

When it comes to hiring contingent labour, getting alignment between procurement and HR is crucial. Without it, organizations risk falling behind in the competition for increasingly scarce talent.

In this webinar, workforce management experts from Guidant Global and Coupa Software are joined by a key customer to explain how historic barriers between procurement and HR can be broken down once and for all.

Watch the webinar recording here

Watch the webinar recording to learn:

  • How procurement can better demonstrate their strategic value to HR
  • Ways to communicate shared goals to achieve buy-in from both sides
  • Why procurement must obsess about delivering what hiring managers need
  • How to evolve your MSP to support better cross-departmental alignment
  • Where your MSP and VMS provider’s expertise can make the difference


  • Maria DeJong - Senior Director, Contingent & Services Category at Coupa Software
  • Brian Salkowski - Chief Operating Officer at Guidant Global
  • Michael Van Keulen - Chief Procurement Officer at Coupa Software
  • Mike Mulder - Senior Vice President, Program Management at Guidant Global
  • Kieffer Holmes - Strategic Sourcing Manager at First Republic Bank (a Guidant Global/Coupa Software customer)

Watch the webinar recording here

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